WP7: Integrated Assessment of Sustainability

The main objective of WP7 is to provide a multi-criteria evaluation of the sustainability aspects associated with the different COSMOS value chains including resource efficiency, technological aspects, performance and reliability of the value chain as well as environmental aspects, process economic effectiveness, but also social and political issues. A set of existing state-of-the-art methodologies and modelling techniques such as life cycle assessment (LCA), life cycle costing (LCC), social life cycle assessment (sLCA) and SWOT analysis will be used to determine the impacts on the different pillars of sustainability. Finally, these results will be consolidated by further analysis, forming the integrated sustainability assessment. This integration is expected to reveal potential conflicts and synergies within and between the different pillars of sustainability for the COSMOS value chains which can be addressed via further refinements of the pathways in an iterative way.

Partners involved in this WP:

  • IFEU (WP Leader)
  • Contact: Dr. Guido Reinhardt, guido.reinhardt@ifeu.de, +496221476713

  • Wageningen Research
  • CRES
  • Imperial
  • Nova
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