WP6: (Bio)catalytic conversion & applications

The aim of WP6 is to address the final market applications. Oils or mixtures of very long chain fatty esters or isolated ones from WP4 will be spitted into medium chain fatty acid/esters and further processed to valuable products including fatty alcohols, branched esters and polyamides for applications in surfactants, lubricants, specialty polymers and cosmetics.
WP6 will also use all products derived from WP5 (vegetative tissue and seed meals and insects) to demonstrate their usefulness as food/feed and biopesticides.

Partners involved in this WP:

  • Arkema (WP Leader)
  • Contact: Dr. Jean-Luc Dubois, jean-luc.dubois@arkema.com, +33472398511

  • Wageningen Research
  • Apeiron
  • Université de Rennes 1
  • CPST
  • Solutex
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